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Website Promotion

There are many companies who have invested a substantial amount of money into developing and maintaining their websites. Many of them are wondering what they have been doing wrong, and why they have not been getting a return on their website investment. A few have already written off that investment as well as the whole idea of e-commerce

The fact is that most of them have missed the most important part of the picture:

Only a few years ago the very fact of having a website was sufficient to generate a lot of publicity for a company to make it stand out, and up to this point, Internet marketing seemed to be very straight forward: you set up a website, then submit it to various search engines.

Not any more – nearly every business now has a website, or is in the process of creating one.

There is stiff competition and to make your website work for you, you need to do some kind of search engine promotion to reach your target audience.

Today it is not sufficient to have prospective buyers who are currently in the market for the type of products or services sold by your company, to come across your website address in a magazine or a newspaper.

Research has shown that 56% of “visits” or “hits” to your website will come from “SEARCH ENGINES”, further, 95% of Web users find what they are looking for by visiting the top 20 search engines, and that people hardly ever go past the top 30 results for any one search, in fact the top 10 receive 78% more traffic than those positioned 11 to 30.

This is why it is critical to be ranked highly on major search engines.

Virtua-Interactive specialise in search engine promotion achieving top position of ranking for our clients. Our search engine optimisers understand the unique ranking algorithms of each search engine, thereby optimising the ranking positions for the various keyword searches.

If you want your business and/or website to dominate the search engines when relevant search terms are used that pertain to your business then serious consideration has to be given to search engine promotion.

It has been said that marketing starts with positioning and we at Virtua-Interactive led by Australia’s NO1 SEO Paul Klerck can assist your business in gaining an advantageous marketing position; with web pages designed specifically to rank on the unique algorithms of the major search engines, with the result being that your business would dominate the major search engines.

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