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Vacu-maid Internal Centralised Ducted Vacuum System Gold Coast

With the large range of premium quality Internal Vacuum System kits, vacuum hoses, tools and accessories, a Vacu-Maid Ducted Vacuum Systems can clean carpet, rugs, draperies, uncarpeted floors, polished floors, stairs, furniture, walls, ceilings – even inside your car. Vacu-Maid Ducted Vacuum Systems go more places than the average portable vacuum cleaner.

Not only does a Vacu-Maid System add value to your home, but it’s your first line of defence against many allergies and health problems, such as Asthma.

Vacu-Maid Gold Coast is Australia’s number one Vacu-Maid dealer. Vacu-Maid Ducted Vacuuming System makes cleaning your carpets simple. Rest assured knowing you have clean carpets each and every time for the life of your home.

Vacu-Maid Ducted Vacuum System:

  • Less Smell
  • Less Dust
  • Better Dust Extraction
  • Faster More Efficient Vacuuming
  • Lees Wear Parts to Replace
  • No More Power Point Searching
  • No More Extension Leads
  • Larger Range of Vacuum Accessories
  • Professional advice, service and installation

Using only the highest quality motors, filtration systems, and materials, Vacu-Maid Ducted Vacuum Systems have, by far, the most sustainable cleaning power of any portable or ducted vacuum system.

Whether you are renovating an existing home or starting from scratch, contact the helpful team at Vacu-Maid Gold Coast for a complete internal ducted vacuum system. Visit for more

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