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Accrue Real Estate say get property inspections done before buying an apartment

Having a property inspections carried out is a must before buying a new apartment or investment property says Accrue Real Estate

Accrue Real Estate

The property boom, that has lasted for a decade in Australia, has made it easy for people to make money on property. Some buyers did not do enough research on their preferred real estate investment and learned an expensive repair cost lesson.

New investment property is a safe way to buy property to rent out to tenants for negative gearing or just rental return. The property will be delivered in perfect condition according to the off the plan purchase contract, so no maintenance costs will be incurred for a year.

Older property however, presents issues for buyers who take the risk on a property that will require expensive maintenance.

The real estate industry records horror stories of older houses in capital city suburbs where poorly made concrete foundations were prepared by amateurs and unskilled unlicensed owner builders. Buildings crack when soil drys out during summer resulting in damage to brick walls that severely affect property value.

The best property buying advise for real estate investors is to pay for a qualified builder or property surveyor to inspect every proposed purchase option. Inspecting a property for issues such as termite damage, foundation subsidence, cracked walls, leaking pipes, moisture barrier failure and countless other aspects of a home or unit is essential

Property repairs are expensive so the cost of a building inspection is small compared to buying a property for a home or investment and finding that thousands more has to be spent to fix an existing fault that was hidden by the vendor or the vendor’s real estate agent.

Property buying advisory services introduce investors and home makers to a range of building and finance professionals including property inspectors so that new and existing property buying is easier. Using the services of a real estate buying service can save a lot of money, help to buy a sound property, lead to income generation quickly or enable a home owner to live with peace of mind that the property they bought is in sound condition.

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