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Goole Top 10 results are becoming increasingly hard for small to medium enterprise businesses.If you have Lost Google Search Engine Results, you are not alone with thousands of victims loosing their Google results in recent months you may of become a victim of the latest Google Panda update.

Google Top 10 SEO

Website Promotion are known and recognised as Australia’s most aggressive SEO companies. They do not mess around with old SEO technology. They use implement SEO using propriotory software.

“SEO Furnace”has been the backbone of many large businesses and corporations up until recently. CEO and creator of SEO Furnace Paul Klerck is now dedicating his focus to small and medium enterprise because he believes they need need more help now than ever before. If small and medium business continues to fail the fall out will be catastrophic states Klerck.

The latest Google Panda Update has 40 key factors that are causing website owners and web masters total devistation has they witness long term search engine results disappear almost overnight.

Why have you lost your Google results? Google has implemented 40 algorithm updates and the changes. Your website site may of been affected by one or more of these changes.

Can my lost Google results be fixed? Yes, just because Google change their algorithm to affect your search engine results because they might be trying to deliver better search results for Google users or maybe they want to filter your results so that they can push you towards a PPC campaign.

Many online forums are making reference to Google playing God and that they are looking after BIG Business over small business  this is why they are under massive scrutiny from many website owners and web masters about the latest Panda updates.


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Website Promotion SEO can help your take back your Google Top 10 results fast and effectively by countering the latest changes. We guarantee Google Top 10 Results.

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