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Kevin Wang Successful Property Investment Deal Mark Rolton

In this video, Mark Rolton shares with us another story about Kevin Wang and how he turned a 922 square meter property which included 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom plus a sunroom into a $65 028 thousand dollar profit.

Kevin Wang’s secret to this Successful Property Investment Deal was he sold the property for $10, 000 thousand dollars under the marketing price.

Massland Property Investment advice can help new and experienced property investors with:

Mark Rolton gives us some advice on Successful Property Investment Deals as he goes on, he shares with us that the secret to a Successful Property Investment Deal is to sell them fast, as everything is sellable at a certain price, the key to a Successful Property Investment Deal is to reduce the price and flick it quickly, this allows you to go on and do 2-3 more transaction in a course of one year.

Mark Rolton explains to us how by doing so you could gain an extra profit of $65 000 thousand dollars just out of one more transaction.

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