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Grafitti Enz Graffiti Removal Liquid and Graffiti Remover Wipes

Graffiti Artist artwork no more thanks to the world’s most advanced graffiti removal liquid and graffiti remover wipes “Graffiti Enz”

The most advanced answer to graffiti removal is now here. Graffiti Enz is a remarkable new age environmentally friendly graffiti removal liquid and graffiti remover wipes.

Everyday so many homes, telephone boxes, bus stops, buildings, public areas, trains and schools are damaged by thoughtless brainless graffiti vandals. But now you can fight back with Graffiti Enz simply apply the liquid and and wipe off the graffiti it is as easy as 1,2,3.

Graffiti-Enz has a range of exciting new products used for the removal of enamel spray can paint and permanent ink markers, crayon and glues from acrylic painted surfaces, Perspex signs, powder coated surfaces, painted brick, tiles and glass without causing any major damage to the surface.

Graffiti-Enz is better than other commercial products when removing freshly applied graffiti from these types of surfaces.

Graffiti-Enz products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable and are available in 500 ml trigger spray bottles, 5 litre bottles and 20 litre bottles . Contact us if you want to purchase bulk quantities.

As well, there is the amazing Super Wipe Canister containing 35 wipes to each canister.

To find out more on Graffiti Enz visit them online or alternatively step in your nearest Super Cheap To purchase.

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