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Scam Monster Stop Report Dob in Scammers and Rip Offs

As part of InfoLink IT’s commitments to protecting consumers and people from being ripped off Scam Monster goes live. With so many scams, and cons it is hard to work out the real from the wrong. But Scam Monster is working hard to blow the cover and report all the various scams.

Most Scams and rorts are based on emotional choices and decisions, the fact is if a deal is too good to be true then it usually is do not get scammed.

In recent times we have come across Zoltan Horvath better known as the Thai Dream Islands holiday destroyer. First you will get an email from Brian Cattermole of Thai Dream Islands offering huge savings then he works on stealing money from poor people by providing holidays at stupid rediculously low prices, that do not exist. When asked how can you do it for this he claims that he gets 30% covered by TAT the Tourism Authority of Thailand. It is all lies and false.

He claims he was a security software specialist for the Hungarian government and the European Union, he is a liar a cheat and a really horrible person that prays on his victims great nature.

The Scam Monster team have all proof of his scams as well has computer files, email and bank records he will be going to jail for a very long time.

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