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Jestar Will Be Held Accountable as Australia’s Worst Airline Jetstar Delays

Jetstar flight delays, unclean flights, rude staff and poor customer service are just a few of the reasons why Jetstar are a shoe-in for the title as Australia’s Worst Airline. Low cost airline or not, this is no excuse for inconsiderate and poor managed customer service.

My family and myself are on our way to Hawaii from Sydney as a gift from my children for Christmas. As much as I looked forward to sitting around the swimming pool just a couple of days ago, little did I know what I would have to go through to get on the simple 9 hour flight Hawaii.
My family (including my 14 month infant) are sitting in Mecure Airport hotel in Sydney waiting to begin our holiday after an Jetstar and Qantas ordeal that refuses to end.

We waited for hours at Coolangatta airport as our Jetstar flight from the Gold Coast was delayed. When we finally departed Gold Coast airport the plane we were on was filthy. The seats were covered in left over food, chewing gum stuck to the food trays and yes, a filthy tissue still in the seat that my infant grabbed and nearly stuck in his mouth.

We arrived at Sydney and collected all our luggage from Sydney domestic airport by 4.52pm. The Jetstar International flight to Hawaii was set to depart from the International airport at 6pm. Jetstar made no attempt to transfer our luggage from our domestic flight to the international flight and refused to allow us to check our luggage past 5pm. As a result of their flight delays and refusal to help us make our connecting flight we were unable to board our flight to Hawaii. Instead we are stuck in a hotel for a night. If they had we would have checked in with plenty of time to spare and all would have been okay.

As we wait in the hotel I for our late night flight via Qantas tonight, I have just learned my wife and young son are not registered on the flight tonight. I am not sure how this can continue to happen?

Seriously Jetstar, you are a disgrace to the Australian airline industry. It is no wonder why QANTAS staff talk so badly of their low cost carrier. When we talk low cost we do not have to accept low service or no service standards.

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Paul Klerk|
Director of InfoLink IT, Website Promotion and Internet Marketer

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