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Gold Coast Solar Company Solarution Helps Out Cleaner Energy Scam Victims

A Gold Coast solar sales and installation company come to the party to help the victims of Cleaner Energy solar scam. Everyday we read or hear about another solar company going to the wall. The reality is these solar companies have been set up by backyard cowboys that provide no real service, support  or guarantees.

Solarution has been set up by Nick Ray a well known and respected industry professional. Nick looks at all case scenarios when dealing and installing residential solar and commercial solar to premises. Nick set Solarution up to deal with commercial solar mainly however he still provided residential solar solutions as well.

In recent weeks we have been helping out victims of the Cleaner Energy rip off he states. We have had calls from Victoria, Townsville, and all over North Queensland as well as our own backyard on the Gold Coast Nick reports.

The reality is people place their trust and hard earned dollars with a solar company thinking they will be looked after then week after week goes past and nothing. Not a call no notification just the run around. Take a look at that bastard that hides behind religion “Pastor Steve Jones” he should be jailed for what he has done to families.

We are just a phone call away we can help people out if they have been scammed, we want to protect our industry it is a great industry if we keep the dogs out.

Phone Solarution on 1300 663 303 now for solar solutions.

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