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Dr Damp Water Damaged Floor Remedy

As flood waters rush through Queensland towns and leave a path of destruction in their wake, thoughts turn to the aftermath and how people will rebuild their lives. Many houses and businesses have been inundated with water and while many are permanently destroyed, some have water damage that is repairable. It is important to think about the potential health hazards that living in a damp house can create, sub floor ventilation could be the answer for many Australian families. Dr Damp Home Ventilation has been providing subfloor ventilation for houses with dampness problems for over a decade.

First Doctor Damp removes the damp air from the underfloor; secondly they force fresh air into the space to replace it and, finally, (the most critical step) Doctor Damp creates an air circulation pattern that has a drying effect. This is calculated based on air volume so the correct amount of circulation occurs via environmentally friendly air pumps. As a damp sub floor is unseen, it can persist for years unhandled, and won’t be resolved until the area of subfloor ventilation is addressed.

A lack of airflow and moisture in your subfloor gives mould and bacteria a perfect breeding climate, subfloor ventilation is the perfect solution.

Doctor Damp Home Ventilation still makes house calls to homes across, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and now on the Gold Coast; they assess the dampness of each home and then offer a written proposal to rectify the dampness issues.

If your home has been affected by floodwater, Dr Damp is on hand to help rectify dampness issues.

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