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Australia’s Best SEO Paul Klerck Search Engine Optimisation Specialist Turns Up the Heat With SEO Furnace

Most people that are considering promoting their website have a couple of options to choose from these days. One of these options is “Pay Per Click” the second option is traditional Search Engine Optimisation aka “SEO”

So what’s best for you and your business? it all depends on you and your budget pay per click is a quick fix to getting a search engine result really fast but it will only last as long as your budget will last. If you have big bucks to burn then give it a blast, if you don’t then you need to consider traditional search engine optimisation it is more cost effective and will last way longer that pay per click.

These days Top 10 search engine placement specialist Paul Klerck has set up SEO Furnace. The SEO Furnace program gives website owners an opportunity to position in the Top 10 of major search engines including google in less than 72 hours which up until now has been not possible or very difficult to achieve.

If you are a website owner that is finding it difficult to climb the search engine ladder and stay at the top then the chances are you need a search engine optimisation specialist on your team. Paul Klerck is a pioneer in establishing and achieving Top 10 Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engine result for more than 12 years.

Paul Klerck heads up InfoLink IT and owns more than 2500 website domains and manages over 1000 client domains including:

  • Digga Earthmoving Equipment
  • Kanga Mini Loaders and Mini Diggers
  • Cigarworld Cigar Shop
  • Flexico Flooring and Storage Solutions
  • Adventure GC Queensland Tourism
  • Northcoach Motor Home Spares Parts and Accessories
  • Lamps and Bulbs Australia’s Largest Projector Bulb and Lamp Discounter
  • Coolbreeze Air Conditioner Rentals
  • Precision Pools Queensland Pool Builders
  • Baby Barn Discounts Online Baby Shop
  • Cuckoo Clock Nest Cuckoo Clocks, Wall Clocks and Grandfather Clock
  • Gold Coast Surf Academy Surf School
  • Ontilt Official Sponsor World Series of Poker
  • Roofing Material Asphalt Roof Shingles
  • Master Painters Association
  • Port of Brisbane Locksmiths
  • Dr Damp Home Ventilation Specialists
  • Raid Pest Pest Control Management Specialists
  • Mosquito The Mosquito Trap Specialist
  • Ambience Pools Ipswich Toowoomba Pool Builders
  • e-coat Sydney Floor Coatings and Restorations
  • In Store Broadcast Melbourne Based Advertising Company
  • Mr Party Australia’s Largest Online Party Supplies
  • American Accommodation
  • England Accommodation
  • K9 Master Class Dog Training System by Scott Donald

The list goes on and on, so if you want to see how fast and effective Paul Klerck and his team of SEO Furnace search engine optimisation specialists are then contact InfoLink IT on 1300 663 664 or +61 7 55 809 599.

PS… DO not contact InfoLink IT  if you are an IT or SEO company based out of India and are trying to sell your SEO expertise as InfoLink IT is 100% Australian owned and operated and only do SEO from Australia using Australians or Australian citizens.

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