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Epoxy Flooring Coating Perth or Polyurea Flooring Coating? Flexico Flooring Solutions Perth

Epoxy flooring is a popular flooring solution used to add a glossy, smooth, decorated surface to any rough, worn and stained concrete floor. Although an affordable and well known flooring solution for small or large projects like the garage, is epoxy concrete flooring the only choice? When investing in a permanent feature of your home like floor restoration it pays to be aware of the pros and cons. Question the product and services in order to make an informed purchasing decision. Know what to expect in regards to aging, treatment and maintenance of the flooring solution.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coating might start with a nice sheen, however, when you are investing in flooring your garage and home, you expect the results to last. Although you might be left with a shiny new floor coating, epoxy flooring only lasts so long. Epoxy is a hard material with a high moisture vapour rate which won’t allow your concrete to breathe. If the concrete isn’t graded correctly, pools of water can collect for days. The shine will eventually fade, and in some cases yellow, particularly when some automotive chemicals and fluids corrode, blemish and bubble the epoxy surface. A shine sealer will have to be applied yearly to maintain the coveted glow of epoxy flooring, in addition to consistent cleaning to maintain the shine for longer.

Polyurea Floor Coatings

Now there is a stronger, more durable, flexible alternative to epoxy flooring that allows you to have perfect floors all year round – with a 15 year guarantee. Polyurea floor coating is now a popular alternative to epoxy floor coatings in hospitals, schools, industrial workshops and show rooms. It is also an affordable and quality solution to creating perfect garage flooring that lasts.

Polyaspartic Polyurea was originally used to coat steel to prevent corrosion over 20 years ago. The flexible and durable qualities of this material have led to recent advancements in Polyurea Concrete Floor Coatings. Unlike epoxy floor coating, Polyurea floor coating is adjusted to during application to work with the moisture and surface of your concrete floor to protect it from future damage. Polyurea has the ability to absorb moisture trapped in concrete and the ground.  It is 98% more flexible than epoxy floor coating allow damaged and cracked concrete garage floors to be restored, preventing further damage.

There is now no need to worry about your car leaking on your new garage floor, Polyurea flooring isn’t damaged by harsh chemicals, and is resistant to salt, oil and gas. However; despite all these great qualities, it is the use of 100% workable solids and ease of application that is Polyurea Floor Coating’s greatest feature.

The Flexico Flooring Transformation

With everything from floor preparation, crack filling, joint filling and concrete repair, Flexico Perth can restore your garage into the functional work area you always wanting all in the space of a one day installation process.

Flexico Flooring Perth can have your Perth garage back to full working capacity within 24 hours. Flexico Perth Polyurea Floor Coatings has no seasonal limitations and can be applied in temperatures ranging from -10 to 140 degrees Celsius. Flexico Perth offers a lifetime warranty against yellowing from UV rays, common in many traditional epoxy floor coatings. Using the highest standard machinery to prepare your garage floor for lasting, durable results, Flexico Floors Perth is the Polyurea flooring specialists.

To learn more, visit Flexico Floors Perth where you can really find out why Polyurea is the stronger, durable, flexible and affordable floor coating solution for your home and garage.

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