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How Are Prescription Lenses Made? EzyChoice Prescription Glasses and Prescription Eye Wear

The revolutionary invention of the eyeglass has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world. Working in the same way as the lens in the human eye, the lens of prescription glasses compliment the part of the human eye that is disadvantaged, allowing clear vision.

The human lens is a transparent structure that works with the cornea, to refract light to be focused on the retina, a fine layer of cells at the back of the eye. By changing the curvature and shape, the lens alters the focal distance of the eye allowing light from an object far away or nearby to be brought to focus. The adjustment of the lens allows for a sharp image to be formed on the retina which is then transferred to our brains where the images is read.

If you are unable to focus images correctly it is because your lens may not be able to curve properly and focussing on objects becomes difficult.  If you are unable to focus on distant objects you have short sightedness. Those who can’t focus on closer objects have long sightedness. If images are distorted you most likely have an astigmatism. All of this diagnosis can be made by a simple eye exam conducted by an Optometrist who will determine the strength of the correction to be made by a prescription lens.

The numerical value of this correction is sent to the laboratory where they start with a product called a lens blank. A lens blank is a large plastic or glass disc roughly the size a hockey puck. Using the numbers unique to your prescription the lens manufacturers will choose a lens black with a front curve surface closest to the required prescription. The lens blank is then shaped using a generator lathe. The amount of detail in contemporary lathes allows for intensely detailed formulas optimised for each patient. Progressive prescription lens are cut with such precision that you can see near, far and everywhere in between within the one lens. These are much more practical than traditional bifocals that often have a harsh demarcation line between the two lenses.

After the lens is shaped to your prescription the manufacturers are left with two large round discs. The lenses are cut using diamond impregnated metal wheels to fit firmly into the frames in which you have chosen. Before insertion into the frames the eye glasses are tinted or UV coated according to prior specification. All prescription glasses and prescription lens are double checked to verify the prescription and to check for any imperfections.

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