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Darwin Barra Fishing Sport Fishing Barramundi Fishing NT Clearwater Island Lodge

Darwin Barra fishing like you’ve never seen before at world renowned barramundi fishing destination, Clearwater Island Darwin Barra fishing lodge. But for those who are new to sport fishing, barramundi fishing, charter fishing or deep sea fishing Clearwater Island Lodge is the place to start. Not just because it is an absolutely spectacular environment amidst  Darwin Barra filled waters, but quite simply because you are guaranteed a catch!

With over 52 species of river and coastal fish in the Tiwi Island region which is only lightly fished, the waters are literally teeming with a immense array of fish. Located on Melville Island off Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory, Clearwater Island Lodge is idyllic Tiwi Island locations places you in the heart of some of the world most sought after fishing wonders including, but not limited to the great Australian Barramundi.

Darwin Barra fishing at Clearwater Island Lodge lives up to its international reputation at the Northern Territories top Barra Fishing, Sport fishing and Fishing Charter destination. Visit and see the barra you could be fishing off Darwin!

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