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Two-Thirds of Child Car Seats are Incorrectly Installed Compromising Child Safety

New child restraint laws are being enacted across Australia placing extra responsibility of parents to ensure their child seats and baby capsules are not only approved but are appropriate for the child’s age and are fitted into the car correctly.

The most common kind of serious car crash is those involving frontal impact. Intense deceleration causes a child’s head to weigh much more than its usual weight. Underdeveloped muscles, bones and ligaments cannot support the loads imposed on the child during a car accident. It is important that your child is facing the right direction according to their age and stage of development.

Studies show that motor vehicle accidents are the greatest single cause of accidental death in Australia. Although morbid, these results have recently had government and national child safety authorities re-evaluate child restraints laws in all Australian states and territories.

As a result there is greater awareness for the need of child car restraints and the punishment of not providing these for your children. State Government authorities outline the difference between child restraints and how their manufacture and installation must comply with Australian Standards.

New child restraint laws involve babies aged 0 – 6 months must be secured in an approved rearward facing capsule or infant restraint, correctly installed and adjusted. Babies and children 6 months – 4 years old must be secured in an approved rearward or forward facing child restraint properly installed. Child Restraint Laws require children from 4 to 7 years of age to be fastened in an approved booster seat booster seat with an H-harness or adult lap seat belt.

One of the most common child restraints in Australia is the top-tether seat. Australian surveys show that as many as two-thirds of parents are installing car seats incorrectly. Without correctly fitting your car seat to your car you are exposing your precious cargo to severe outcomes in a serious crash. Don’t compromise your child’s safety and have your car seat installed by a professional, certified child restraint installer.

Babies, infants and children are fragile and require increased protection when travelling on our dangerous roads. As parents and guardians our children rely on us to keep them safe. Seatbelts improve your chances of surviving a crash for up to 50% so don’t compromise your child’s safety by incorrectly installing your child restraint. If you are unsure, have a professional child restraint installer inspect the fitting of your car’s child restraint.

Baby Barn Discounts specialise in baby capsule and baby seat installations on the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales region. Baby Barn Discounts are professional, certified child restraint fitting and inspection specialists concerned with the safety of your family. For more information on Australian approved child restraints and installation services visit

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