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Baby Barn Discounts Gold Coast

Baby Barn Discounts Gold Coast is the leading car seat fitting and installation specialists. They will ensure that your baby has the best seat possible for their needs and fit it for you correctly. Fitting a baby seat is harder than it seems and although many people believe they can do it correctly themselves, 95% of restraints bought to Baby Barn for inspection are fitted incorrectly.

A Roads and Traffic Authority NSW “Safer Child Restraints” guide states; every year many children are injured or killed in car crashes. Some of the injuries could be prevented or reduced if all children occupy the right restraint for their size and weight and if the restraint is installed and used correctly.

Of course, there are laws in place for the protection of our families. Children six months to four years must be secured in either a rear or forward facing child restraint, and children ages four to seven years must be secured in forward facing child restraint or booster seat. Don’t have your child in the front seat if they are under four, not only is it against the law, but it is just not safe.

Planning on bringing a new little bundle of joy into your family this year? It is important you take the time to consider the safety precautions when transporting your child in the car. There is no greater joy than bringing your new baby home from the hospital for the first time but before you do so, consider the options that are available to you. Baby Barn Discounts offer a great range of forward and rear facing seats, boosters, capsules and accessories to get you started.

Infants, babies and children are fragile and require increased protection when travelling on our dangerous roads. Baby Barn Discounts Gold Coast have a team of friendly professionals waiting to install your baby seat in their authorised fitting station. Don’t trust anyone else with your precious cargo, visit today.

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