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BCIPA Building Construction Industry Payments Act

What is BCIPA? How can BCIPA help? For many the BCIPA system has it’s advantages as it resolves many legal issues in the building and construction industry without using the court system. Many or the majority of credit management issues in the construction industry are sorted via BCIPA.

The cost savings is one good reason alone to use BCIPA over going to court.

The cost of adjudication will always differ with every BCIPA decision depending on the size and complexity of each application. BCIPA does away with all the expensive legal fees (unless you want them), no adjournments and no dirty tricks once the process is started.

To date, it seems that the costs are about 10% of the cost of the claim. This doesn’t have to be the case though. The quality of your application will directly affect the outcome of your decision. The easier your documents are to read and follow, the less time the adjudicator has to spend searching for information and interpreting what you are claiming.

The cost of legal expenses and long adjournments are no longer a tool to stretch a claimants finances and will to fight for your rights. All of the old tricks use to extend payment terms have now been outlawed by the BCIPA.

BCIPA resolving credit management issues in the construction industry Australia wide throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Perth and the Northern Territory.

InfoLink IT has been contracted to build the new BCIPA website a total resource for the Building Construction Industry Payments Act.

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